SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management

I am proud to announce the release SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management published by Wrox (Wiley)!

This book is the combined effort of 4 authors, myself included.  As my first venture into the world of book writing, I didn’t want to tackle an entire book.  As it turns out writing 4 chapters was quite a lot of work that represented an extensive time commitment.  I can only imagine what writing an entire book is like!  Kudos to those guys who can find time to write a whole book, get their 40 hours+ per week in and still remember the names of their wife and children!

So the book theme is obviously centered around how SharePoint 2010 can be leveraged as a powerful ECM platform.  The chapter list is included below.  If you’re curious, I highlighted the chapters that I wrote:

  • Chapter 1: What is Enterprise Content Management?
  • Chapter 2: The SharePoint 2010 Platform
  • Chapter 3: Document Management
  • Chapter 4: Workflow
  • Chapter 5: Collaboration
  • Chapter 6: Search
  • Chapter 7: Web Content Management
  • Chapter 8: Records Management
  • Chapter 9: Digital Asset Management
  • Chapter 10: Document Imaging
  • Chapter 11: Electronic Forms with InfoPath
  • Chapter 12: Scalable ECM Architecture
  • Chapter 13: ECM File Formats
  • Chapter 14: The SharePoint ECM Ecosystem
  • Chapter 15: Guidance for Successful ECM Projects

So if you happen to give it a read and you find the book useful, PLEASE go to amazon.com and let the world know what you thought of it!  We could use some positive reviews!  It would be bad form for us to review our own book so we need you!

I’m very proud of how the book turned out!



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  1. Mark Davidson says:

    Nice Book…. I’ve read this book and found a lot of helpful topics regarding Microsoft Sharepoint…

    Thanks Again!!

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