Speaking at SharePoint Conference 2011 in Anaheim, CA


I’m looking forward to October 3-6 in Anaheim, CA where I’ve been accepted to speak at SharePoint Conference 2011!  I’ll be presenting a session titled “Scaling SharePoint Records Centers to Terabytes and Beyond – Part 1”.

In this session, I’ll be taking you through architecture guidance for scaling record centers to incredible sizes from the ground up.  After a little bit of background on Records Centers and Document Centers and how they lend themselves to very large content archives, I will describe how they fit into an architecture that will scale to multiple terabytes.  I’ll be discussing architecture from the ground up starting with storage concepts with respect to new guidance from Microsoft, continuing with scalable taxonomy, and finishing up with tuning and monitoring.

Hope to see you at my session in Anaheim!



  1. paul mc says:

    Looking forward to meeting you. Your phone presentation to the dfw sharepoint ug about a year ago has helped me a ton.

    1. Russ Houberg says:

      That’s great Paul! I’m glad I could help.

      I just put the finishing touches on the presentation. It is jam packed with lots of great information!

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